The Rosa Maria jewelry brand was founded by Lebanese designer Rosa Aburu in 1998. Elite jewelry made by hand in the workshop of Beirut. For her collections, the designer uses raw gems and unconventional techniques, harmoniously combining silver and gold with dazzling diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

Rosa Maria is a brand characterized by avant-garde jewelry with an unstructured layered design.

After many years of work in fashion, the Lebanese designer Rosa Maria decided to develop her own style of jewelry. Rosa considers her work a healing process for herself and her loved ones. She went into creativity to escape from the experiences of political unrest in her country.

In products of the brand organics and geometry, rawness and refinement are intricately combined. Her style is natural and raw, mixed with silver, zinc, copper and gold with a wild variety of pink-cut diamonds of different colors, rubies, sapphires, tourmalines and topazes in rectangular or spherical shapes. The brand offers an infinite number of jewelry combinations.

Rose Maria dedicates her jewelry to people of character, style and personality. To her are not indifferent people who can follow her bright and cunning creations, continuing the story of a unique design.

Rosa Maria’s collections are on display in the Haute Couture Paris fashion shows and distributed throughout the world.

Each hand-made collection in Beirut harmoniously combines silver and gold with a set of pink-cut diamonds, rubies, sapphires and topaz diamonds.

Today, the Rosa Maria collection has everything from faceted cocktail rings to luxurious chandelier earrings made from quartz and pavé diamonds. You can add an exquisite experimental color to your clothes with the help of these unusual modern decorations.

The Lebanese avant-garde under the brand name Rose Maria is a fashion and luxury of unconventional design. Bold, sculpted and slightly clumsy rings combine organic sterling silver with sparkling natural-cut pink diamonds. Rings with topaz covered with a thin layer of gold.

Several times a Beirut jeweler encountered resistance from traditional jewelry houses. However, she managed to defend her vision. To this day, she continues to produce a collection of a collection of earthly unique rings.

Rosa Maria and her three sisters run their own jewelry studio in the center of Beirut. She is sincerely proud that her employees are Muslims and Christians.

ROSA MARIA: jewelry&avant-garde
Rosa Maria jewelry
ROSA MARIA: jewelry&avant-garde
Rosa Maria jewelry

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