Salvatore Santoro is an Italian brand of genuine leather outerwear, founded by designer Salvatore Santoro. The company follows the main principle – to create modern clothes with the help of old technologies. The brand pays great attention to current trends and classic silhouettes.

The collection of the brand is filled with laconic jackets with a stand-up collar and leather jackets. The iconic model of the collection is a suede sand-colored bomber.

Each creation of the brand was the fruit of the inspired work of Salvatore Santoro. He is the owner and designer of a company with thirty years of experience in the production of leather goods. He personally coordinates the team of designers who study and create brand collections. The creative team of young designers demonstrates excellent technical skills and a sense of beauty.

SALVATORE SANTORO: Past and present 

The basis of the Salvatore Santoro brand is the concept of research. First, they learn the most fashionable design trends and styles. Freshness and redesign are important while creating modern clothes. The brand introduces new technologies in the production of traditional things. Salvatore Santoro loves natural shapes and volumes.

They are well versed in materials, prefer to work with thin leather and natural fur. Men’s and women’s collections are distinguished by the highest quality, modern lines, fashionable details.

The process of making branded clothing thought out to the smallest detail. Brand managed to achieve a charming effect of wear and at the same time elegance in jackets. This result can be obtained due to the special dressing of the skin. Fashion house cooperates only with professionals.

All stages of the manufacture of collectible clothing based on the craft principles of Italy. This is a big part of the success in the production of leather goods. Quality and exclusivity is the warranty card of every Salvatore Santoro creation.

Salvatore Santoro dresses people with taste that value the quality and convenience of things. The fashion designer pays attention to materials, details, coloring, naturalness.

The design team consists of craftsmen working with leather and fur. The department of Research & Design gets to work on the collection after analyzing global trends. Classic silhouettes of the brand are enlivened with unexpected materials. Lightweight trench coats are made of matted leather, bombers are made of smooth khaki leather, and leather reference jackets are made from charcoal black suede.

Salvatore Santoro


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