History says that the creator of the fur brand YVES SALOMON is the grandson of the Russian émigré – Gregory Salomon. Almost 100 years ago, he picked up materials for sewing leather and fur.

Half a century later, the family business was continued by YVES SALOMON. His character was distinguished by enterprise and the desire to wear the whole world in furs. The company created fur products of the highest quality for the famous fashion houses DIOR, YVES SAINT LAURENT, PRADA and others.

Current trends plus old traditions

Today, son of the wizard Willow became the head of the company. He is talented and creative Thomas Salomon. He determines new directions for the development of family business. Thomas is active in social networks, tells people about leather and furs, presents new collections.

Not so long ago, stylish casual parks with fur made in France appeared. Russian sable, Finnish fox, Danish mink are taken for models created in the big fashion house YVES SALOMON. The brand store is located in Paris, Saint Honore, where mods from around the world often drop in.

Success in quality and quantity

YVES SALOMON sells about 30,000 fur coats in 20 countries of the world. The creative department combines fur with cashmere, tweed and even feathers. They use new technologies, conserving tradition. Designers create the lightest fur products, bringing fresh ideas to the traditional sphere.

Fashion house YVES SALOMON is engaged in the following activities:

– trade in fur and leather;

– development of collections for famous designer brands;

– creating their own fur collections;

– clothing design of HIGH-END level;

– tailoring of light clothes from fur in classical style;

– branded accessories – bags, scarves, hats;

– the creation of the youth collection METEO;

– promotion of a series of democratic clothes ARMY FURS;

– sale of practical outerwear.

The annual turnover of the company is about 50 million dollars.

Fathers, Sons and their Brand

Thomas Salomon says that he and his father are ahe best team. Thomas is more pragmatic, and his father is a real strongman in management and at the same time an adventurer. Yves Salomon is very attentive to his son, he can listen to new ideas and he is not afraid of fresh decisions. The father and son have different views on business, but this difference helps to combine the incompatible things in one model. This is how freshness and amazement is born in new models of clothes.

Brand YVES SALOMON: history and modernity
Brand YVES SALOMON: history and modernity
Brand YVES SALOMON: history and modernity

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